We Buy Houses in Any Condition – Are they Genuine Buyers?


You have probably seen the adverts flashing through your screen when browsing online. “We buy houses in any condition” and “we buy ugly houses” and you are probably wondering the deal seems too good to be true. Why would anyone want to buy an ugly house in the first place if they can find one that is in perfect condition? Rest assured it is not a scam but is the newest investment opportunity in the real estate industry that benefits both the investor and the house owner.

Think about this for a moment. You have a house that is in deplorable condition. You want cash urgently, and the only thing you have is that ugly looking house. What do you do yet no real estate agent will accept the house as it is? See, for a real estate agent to accept to list your house; a good amount of work must be done for that curb appeal. Not to mention fixing the many repairs and all broken pieces to ensure the house is in a habitable condition. All these will require money which it is highly likely you do not have now that you are looking to sell your house fast. Check out our blog today.

A real estate investor, on the other hand, is not interested in living in that house. Their main interest is on how much they will make when they “buy time” with the “ugly house” as they spruce it up and add modern highlights and fixtures. Of course, this process of sprucing it up takes a lot of their time and money. The real estate investor will then ensure the house is upgraded to its modern status and wait when the markets are favorable to list the house for sale. It needs no mentioning that house will be a hot cake in the industry and will literally fly off the market considering the amount of work that would have been done on it.

Of course, the real estate investor will not sell the house at the same price they bought it from you. They will inflate the price to accommodate their input on the renovations. Based on the modern features and fixtures that would be added, no doubt this will attract a very good and attractive amount for them. This answers your concerns as to why someone would want to buy an ugly house. So the next time you are in need of cash urgently and all you have is your house; rest assured there is someone interested regardless of its condition. Visit our company now.

Read more here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-buy-a-house-first-time_us_59a065fee4b0821444c301f7


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